Nylon for pistachio packaging

Nylon for packing pistachios is a nylon for packing that you can buy from the printing site. Nylon is a pistachio package with 1 to 8 full hd color printing and print quality and production are guaranteed. You can now order your product from the print site.
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Pistachio Packaging Nylon is a packaging nylon that you can purchase from the print site. The nylon is a pistachio pack with 1 to 8 full hd color printing and the print quality and production are guaranteed. You can now order your product from the print site.

Pistachio is one of the products that has one of the first rankings in food exports, so we must use quality and hygienic bags to package this precious product that does not reduce its quality and nutritional value over time.

Nylon for pistachio packaging:

Pistachios are packaged in different packages such as wooden boxes, cartons, plastic bags weighing 25-60kg and hemp bags weighing 60kg.

 Since pistachios are able to absorb moisture from the air and moisture absorption increases rinsing of the pistachio, the use of air-permeable packaging is recommended for pistachios.

Pistachio grains have a shelf life of three months in the refrigerator, and packaging in airtight containers increases the shelf life of this frozen product to more than a year.

A controlled atmosphere (oxygen below 8% and carbon dioxide above 1%) can also be used to store pistachios. Storing fruits at lower oxygen concentrations reduces the respiration rate and the production of ethylene in these products.

A low oxygen level (less than 1%) and high carbon dioxide (40 to 60%) can be useful tools for controlling insects in fresh and dried fruit. Nuts, especially pistachios, can be stored for more than 12 months.

In general, it must be said that one of the important issues in pistachio packaging is to prevent the impact of insects and also to avoid placing the packages in an environment of high relative humidity and to remove or reduce the oxygen inside the package by packaging. vacuum or gas injection. techniques The renication reaction is delayed.

Oxygen reduction is particularly important in roasted products and the amount of oxygen between 0.5 and 1.5 percent was administered with the nitrogen gas injection system for all types of raw and roasted nuts . It's convenient.

Pistachio Nylon Packaging Specifications:

Guaranteed print and production quality
Protects food from light and humidity
1 to 8 full hd color printing
Production of nylon stockings for the packaging of food and dried fruit (pistachios, nuts, seeds, etc.)
Its price is cheap versus the quality

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According to your needs, each production orders pistachio nylon packaging, which has different samples with different raw materials in different sizes, so for more information, please contact me to print to get the best out of you. They might help.