Types of packaging envelopes

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خرید رول و پاکت های پلی اتیلن

Polyethylene rolls and bags

Printer is a manufacturer of three-layer polyethylene rolls and bags for packing liquids such as: milk, buttermilk, cream, mineral water, etc. You can now order and buy polyethylene rolls and envelopes from my website. Production is done in the form of three layers of transparent one-sided one-sided with round stitching for the first time in Iran by the printers.
خرید پاکت اسلایدر

Envelope Slider

due to the great competition within it and it is becoming easier to consume, this model of zipper caps can be used as easily as possible and will keep your product in the mind of the customer.
خرید پاکت دارو

Medicine package

The medicine package is one of the most important packaging of health products that you can order and buy now from Chapkaman website. The quality of the medicine packaging is very important. Your order will be paid immediately after the purchase is completed.
قیمت پاکت مخصوص بذر گیاه

Plant seed bag

Types of envelopes for plant seeds with very high quality, different types in dimensions and thickness and guaranteed printing of 1 to 8 colors FULL HD can be purchased now from the specialized site of chapamkon . Your order will be shipped immediately upon payment. Buy all products through chapamkon website safely and at a great price.
خرید پاکت کرافت شفاف

Transparent kraft envelope

One of the most popular and popular packages among packaging packages. My specialized site is in the field of producing a variety of transparent and non-transparent kraft envelopes ready to provide services to dear customers. You can now order and buy clear craft envelopes.
خرید پاکت کاست دار

Cassette envelope

Cassette envelopes are for all kinds of food packaging, etc., which you can now order and buy from the Chapkan website. The specialized site of Chapkan Kan is ready to accept orders for the production of various types of cassette bags throughout Iran for you dear ones. Buy a cassette bag right now.