Ice cream packing cellophane

Ice cream packaging cellophane is a special cellophane for this packaging that you can buy from Chapman Kan website. Ice cream cellophane with 1 to 8 colors in full hd print and print quality and production is guaranteed. You can now order your product from the print site.
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Cellophane for ice cream packaging is a special cellophane for this packaging that you can purchase from Chapman Kan's website. Cellophane ice cream from 1 to 8 colors in full hd printing and print quality and production guaranteed. You can now order your product from the print site.

Milk and its products are valuable and nutritious foods. But the storage of dairy products is a delicate task, and its exposure to inadequate conditions leads to premature corruption and ultimately food poisoning in people.

Therefore, the storage of milk and dairy products at all stages of production, distribution and consumption must be accompanied by great care. One of the important points that should be considered when producing these products is choosing the right packaging for them. Proper packaging preserves the health of the food and increases its shelf life.

What is the product of frozen cellophane?

Propylene films which have very high printability and are known in the industry by the nicknames opp and bopp, also known as fear, have various applications in different industries.

In most cases, cellophane is used for food packaging. Generally, two types of cellophane are used for food packaging, which are the shell back and the silver back, which can be used for ice cream. And for the silver back, which is also known as metallization, we can refer to the packaging of french fries.

Full specifications of cellophane for ice cream packaging:

Guaranteed print and production quality
Manufacturer of ice cream and food packaging
1 to 8 full hd color printing
Guaranteed print quality and production
Production in all sizes

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What are the types of nylon packaging?

food packaging

The ice cream packaging is produced using propylene film. These films are also known as BOPP, OPP and Horror Cellophane. OPP cellophane is normally transparent, but it can be made milky (shell cellophane) or aluminum (metallized cellophane) by adding special materials.

Milky cellophane is the most suitable type of plastic for food packaging that needs to be stored in cold environments and low temperatures, so it can be used for ice cream packaging. Of course, the packaging of the ice cream can also be made with transparent OPP so that the contents can be seen.

OPP cellophane has high printability and can be used to create attractive and glamorous packaging for different types of ice cream, especially interesting for children.

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