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Opp packing cellophane is one of the products in food packaging that you can buy now from Chapman Kan website. Opp packing cellophane can print 1 to 8 full hd colors. Your order will be sent immediately after completing the purchase.
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Opp packaging cellophane is one of the products in food packaging that you can buy now from Chapman Kan's website. The opp packing cellophane can print 1 to 8 full hd colors. Your order will be sent immediately after completing the purchase.

OPP cellophane is part of the Fear Cellophane family and is part of the plastic packaging series. The unique characteristics of this type of cellophane have made it an ideal type of packaging in various sectors.

Perhaps one of the best known uses of OPP is its use in the food industry, but this popular plastic is also used in other applications, including cosmetics, detergents, pharmaceuticals, stationery, tobacco, and so on.

Characteristics of OPP cellophane:

OPP cellophane films have very high flexibility, printability and laminability properties.

1- Printability:

The ability to print 1 to 8 Full HD colors on OPP rolls made it possible to create beautiful and attractive packaging with high quality and resolution for the products.

2- Flexibility:

OPP cellophane is very flexible and durable and does not break easily and does not tear or puncture.

3- Rollability:

It is also possible to produce and print OPP cellophane in two layers. In food packaging, a layer of printed OPP film can be laminated to a layer of CPP film so that both the food does not come into direct contact with the printed material and the strength and resistance of the cellophane increases. It is also possible to laminate two layers of OPP on top of each other; The difference is that cellophane produced in this way will have lower strength than OPP laminate over CPP. The disposable containers are packed with the same type of double layer film (OPP to OPP).

Other features of OPP cellophane include preventing the penetration of air and oxygen into the product, which maintains its freshness and increases its shelf life.

 These plastics also have the ability to create perforations and cavities that help shape the product packaging and allow it to be hung on store stands.

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Types of cellophane OPP

Normally, OPP cellophane films are produced in colorless and transparent form, but by adding elements, they can also be produced in metallized or shell form. In the images below you can see different types of OPP packaging.

1. Metallization:

Metallized cellophane can be made by adding aluminum metal powder to OPP films. The silver and shiny color of metallic cellophane is also due to the presence of the same element in them. If you look closely at the packaging of chips, puffs, tea, chocolate, candy, etc., you have probably seen that they are made of painted aluminum. Metallized OPPs are a good insulator to protect products from direct sunlight. Although metallic cellophane is commonly known as silver, it is also produced in other colors in the Plast weight collection.

2. Oysters:

OPP oyster rolls are produced based on the color of milk or oyster and are usually used for packaging freezer products that require cold storage. The packaging of ice cream is an example of the use of shell cellophane.

3. Transparent:

 Clear OPP is actually the normal type of OPP which has no additives. Using this type of cellophane it is possible to see the contents inside the package. The higher the quality of the raw materials used in the production of transparent OPP, the clearer and shinier the cellophane produced. The transparent type of OPP cellophane is used for packing pasta, tablets, nuts, biscuits, cakes, cereal biscuits, cigarettes, CDs, etc.

Buy opp cellophane packaging:

You can order opp packing cellophane with your own thickness and size. The Chapkamn site has an experienced and capable staff in the field of producing various types of cellophane for packaging or packaging. Your order will be shipped immediately after payment. Our goal is your satisfaction.