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Aluminum packing envelope

Aluminum packaging bag is one of the food packaging products in Chapkamn specialized site. Production of all kinds of metallized, shell, nylon, zippered and bags can all be purchased. Your order will be sent to you immediately after completing the purchase.
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The aluminum packing case is one of the products made for food supply in a specialized site in Chapkamn. It is possible to acquire all types of metallized stock, conchiglia, nylon, horn and foot. Your order will be sent immediately until the acquisition is complete.

Do you use an aluminum foil?

The aluminum cup is a very small layer of aluminum with a special compress between 6 and 200 microns, made of special soles in the shape of rollers.

One of the most important characteristics of aluminum foil is its ability to handle both steam and gas.

The aluminum foil and the centenary of the applications in different sizes, the more efficient the quality is in the different pack sizes.

The aluminum foil has excellent compatibility or strength with the magpie part of the materials. Also the materials that have a significant effect on the aluminum foil are preserved in configurations that use laminated aluminum foil.

Aluminum foil is completely resistant to all kinds of grasses, grasses derived from petroleum and organic solvents. The solenoid does not have a significant effect on the aluminum foil, but its combination with saline or organic acids will cause corrosion in the air, which in some cases uses aluminum foil lamination films.

In general, food such as caramel, latte, non-salad dressing, vegetable and animal burr, which come in many medicinal and cosmetic forms are compatible with aluminum foil, inoltre, aluminum foil impeded on all surfaces, alloys and volatile gases questi materials.

The aluminum foil has a resistance resistor that produces products with acid degreasing environments or products with alkaline dehydration environments (soap presses and detergents). However, the use of mineral acid stocking without a protective layer provokes corrosion of the aluminum foil. Mentre gli organic acids deboli come quelli che si trovano negli alimni non hanno alcun effect on the aluminum bowl.

Characteristics of aluminum foil sealing have a reasonable effect on the production of products sensitive to external influenza and atmospheric influences as hopefully, light and oxygen flow (the door to which the food supply deteriorates).

Specifications of aluminum packaging bag:

Print from 1 to 8 colors full hd on the bust

Production in all dimensions and typology

Accetta qualifies the order of the client

Economic and economic prices

High quality

Types of aluminum packaging bags:

Produced in confection sottovuoto
Production of stock exchange form with hinge
Production in three forms: three points (in feet)

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The aluminum packing case has various samples that can be added one by three at the base but you.

Many food products and other products in the market do not use this type of packaging for all-purpose distribution, with a quality stamp it is possible to have one of the most elegant and active packaging samples. If one of the main factors in the efficiency of the country is the way in which it is configured and drawn from the point of view of the current, it can only be used by this country using this type of packaging.

Acquisition of aluminum bags:

You can travel with all types of stock in special aluminum and of desired dimensions. The site of Chapkan Kan has an expert staff and staff in the field of production of various types of aluminum bags. Your order will ship immediately immediately after payment. Our objective is your satisfaction.