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Nylon tea packing

Tea packaging nylon with print quality of 1 to 8 colors, full hd and fully guaranteed, is one of the food packaging products on the special site of Chapakman. You can now order tea packaging at a reasonable price. Your order will be sent immediately after completing the purchase.
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1 to 8 color printing quality, full hd and fully guaranteed tea packaging nylon is one of the food packaging products on Chapakman's special site. You can now order the tea pack at a reasonable price. Your order will be sent immediately after completing the purchase.

The type of packaging must be such that the contents of the package are clear or that the shape is drawn on it.

For tea and tea bags such as the multiplicity of products and its design and color is high, you should make sure that if it is a mixture of several plants, their name should be on the packaging along with their shape.

The type of packaging must be light and compact. As these are usually used while traveling, at work or even at home, and due to the variety and variety of products they have, they shouldn't be bulky and heavy.

Tea production and packaging line:

First, the green tea leaves are dried by a tea dryer, then a tea sieve or sieve is used to size and grade the tea. After this step, a blender is used to add different essential oils or flavors to the tea. There are several devices for packing tea into different types, which are mentioned below:

Weighing tea packing machine
Tea Bag Packaging Machine (Neptune)
Canned tea packaging machine
Machine for packing tea in cartons and bags
Tea carton cellophane machine

Single pack of tea:

You can use the tea bags plain or packaged in the mother package, which has two types of paper and cellophane, which is a high quality cellophane sample that gives the customer a sense of product quality.

This type of plastic packaging has very high printability and the smallest details can be printed, which makes you have a special and unique packaging.

To know more:
What are the types of nylon packaging?

The advancement of science and technology has made it easier for humans to consume and live. This progress can be seen in all sectors and occupations. The packaging industry is not far behind and packaging bags are one of the best types of packaging because this type At the same time has very high strength, its vacuum is very easy to open and can be opened and closed by the consumer with an unlimited amount of cargo by means of a zippered bag.

This feature eliminates the need for the consumer to change the packaging to consume the materials within it, which causes the brand and logo printed on the packaging to simply remain in the customer's mind and increases the efficiency of sales and of the production line brand. become.

Buy tea bags:

You can carry different types of tea bags of the desired thickness and size. Chapkan Kan site has experienced and capable staff in the field of manufacturing various types of nylon for tea. Your order will be shipped immediately after payment. Our goal is your satisfaction.