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بست کمربندی مدل 100S بسته 100 عددی

Belt buckle model 100S, pack of 100 pieces

The 100S model belt buckle is one of the most widely used items that can be used in any home, shop, company, factory, etc. Even in car engines, computer cases, and many others. They can be seen from other machines as well. You can now buy and receive the 100S model belt buckle from Chapam website. Your order will be sent to you immediately after completing the purchase.
بست کمربندی ان اس اس مدل CM-200M سایز 20 سانتی متری

NSS belt buckle, model CM-200M, size 20 cm

NSS CM-200M model 20 cm size belt fastener is suitable for fastening various parts such as wires, cables, caps, etc. It has 100 belt fasteners in dimensions of 2.5 x 200 mm. These fasteners are very widely used and are among the simplest tools used to tighten and fasten various objects. You can buy and receive NSS belt buckle now. be with us.